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Why choose the IN PLUS

Professional automotive electronic appliance platform

Pay attention to employee ability training

Rich salary and welfare

Quality Workplace

Talent development

Since the establishment of IN PLUS, we attach great importance to the qualification and self-development of our employees, offer them opportunities helping them develop themselves, clear their career prospect and encourage employees to break through continuously. It is not only to provide science and technology talents to IN PLUS now, but also to lay a solid foundation for development of employees in the future.

We are committed to making sure that our employees can benefit from IN PLUS as well as pay for it. IN PLUS provides a complete staff training system and a clear career development path. With mutual support, employees and enterprises grow together.

A perfect career development mechanism, giving the staff the choice to test direction and development direction, a full system of culture, to ensure that the employee has a lot of development direction.

Team members

IN PLUS provides unparalleled value proposition to customers to meet their transformation and innovation needs. IN PLUS works with customers to invent future products and services from initial concepts to industrialization.

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